The question above asks a website owner whether they should do SEO or Not do SEO of their website.
SEO is basically done to increase traffic to your website.

Now there are many ways of getting traffic to your websites
 PPC campaigns
 Do marketing activities.
 Give Advertisements.
 Distribute brochures in market.
But what the above activities do? They surely get traffic to your website promote your website but takes lot of money out of your pocket and the results lasts for some time after which you are again back to the position where you started.

Let me ask you some more questions.
 Do you want increased traffic on your site?
 Do you want that your website shows in search results?
 Do you want regular traffic for a longer period of time on your website?
 Are you concerned about your ROI?
If your answers to the above questions is YES , than you should surely do SEO of your website and we can help you in the same with our team of SEO experts.
Let us take an example that you sell furniture online in Delhi city through a very good and appealing website. Now people from Delhi who want to buy furniture online search “furniture store in delhi” on google and your website comes on the 5th page of results or farther than that. Do you think people are going to come to your website? Hardly possible, because most of the people don’t look beyond 2nd or 3rd page and you lose a potential customer or may be many.

SEO is not an expense , its a healthy growing INVESTMENT for long term benefit.

Here is where SEO helps you, it increase your sites ranking in search engines and in turn increase traffic to your website. It is cost effective and long lasting, a site with regular SEO activities tend to become a popular site in terms of search engine ranking and remains on the top pages with little efforts and low spends in long term.
Get found on the Internet is the Mantra of online business where we provide the necessary support to you.